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Steve Jobs resigns, will it change Apple?

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Shocked? Not really.  Should shareholders be worried?  You bet.  Steve Jobs, is by far, the most innovative and creative leaders of our time.  He has taken Apple from the brink of bankruptcy to being the most powerful, innovative company in the world in the last decade.

We all know what happened to Apple the first time Jobs exited stage left.  So should shareholders be worried of a repeat?  I think maybe so.  This is not to say that Cook is not or cannot lead an effective organization, continue to grow, and that he would not do the right thing for the valuation of the firm.  However, when an iconic leader steps aside I don’t believe we fully understand the impact. I don’t think it will affect Apple’s ability to compete, at least not in the short-term.  They are so far ahead of everyone else in delivering innovative technology, UIs, and thinking about competition differently it would take a substantial effort to beat Apple at their own game.  However, with a global economy they should be worried about two kids in a garage and keep the mindset that they must continually innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

As rapidly as technology changes, you have to wonder if Steve Jobs has built sustainability into his organization that will last well after he is gone.  I tend to believe not.  The power of iconic leaders to motivate and engage employees, clients, and shareholders is very difficult to replicate.  So I have to assume that all of the goods that come with great leadership might also dissipate once a great leader moves on.  The proof will be how Apple adapts as an organization  to a changing of the guard and my guess is that in 3-5 years we will know if Apple has significantly changed or if they will be able to maintain their edge.  Time will tell.

Steve Jobs resigns from Apple, Cook becomes CEO | Reuters Steve Jobs resigns from Apple, Cook becomes CEO | Reuters.

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Amy Judd – Gravatar Profile and About Me

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Finally I’ve been able to concentrate, just a little, on my blog.  Hoping to get this thing back up and running.  For now, I only have energy to update my profile a bit.

One cool feature I stumbled on about a year ago is About.Me.  I read an article about the beta site that would allow a user to claim their identity and centralize their public information.  I loved the idea and joined way back when.  Check it out if you can.  A lot of creatives out there have really cool “micro” sites if you will.  A good example of offering a way for people to take charge of their online profile.

Amy Judd, USA – Gravatar Profile and my About Me profile

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Infographics Of The Day: How Good Is The U.S. At Innovating? | Co.Design

Infographics Of The Day: How Good Is The U.S. At Innovating? | Co.Design.  I tend to think the U.S. is pretty good and innovation.  What surprised me most about this article is that Sweden is also really good at driving innovation.  I would not have thought they are also a leader in this space.  My initial thoughts were that maybe Korea or Japan might be a close second, but not Sweden.

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Embrace Infant Warmer Gets Its First Test Baby | Fast Company

Fast Company magazine cover: June 2010

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Embrace Infant Warmer Gets Its First Test Baby | Fast Company.

This is a fantastic idea for developing and emerging countries and I would think this innovative approach would also be useful in remote portions of developed countries.  I love to see new ways to solve a problem and at a cost that is more reasonable for the target audience.  Here, infants can be warmed by using what looks like a small hand warmer used by skiers.  This is a novel approach for solving a real third world problem.  My hat is off to those involved with seeing the issue through a new lens.

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